Here are some things people often want to know. Still not satisfied? Email us at thecriticng@gmail.com and we’ll be happy to chat.

How do you make money from your reviews?

This is a question I get asked all day everyday!I am not making money yet from this platform but I am hoping with time , it will come from partnerships  and  unbiased sponsors who share my passion.

How do you choose your reviewers?
Reviews are done by Peju U and a few other carefully chosen people who share the passion and objectives of my review model. When I choose people to review either with me or independently,  I  tend to choose people who are honest, people who  appreciate good food,  and are able to relay their dinning experiences such that a reader is able to appreciate their writing.

Do you take freebies or subsidised meals?
An emphatic No. To continue to give unbiased and objective reviews, it is important steer clear of freebies and it’s likes. After all you should not look a gift horse in the teeth. If for any reason, I accept a freebie, it will be clearly stated. I try as much as possible to go unannounced and incognito so that I am able to get an unbiased  experience.

How can I  be a part of the Service Critic experience? There are two ways to this

1. From time to time, we have sweepstakes and giveaways to give our readers and followers to be a part the dinning and review experience.

2. To be part of the service critic team as a sponsor or to place advert on this site, we would consider offers from PR companies, Hospitality industries ,  everyday consumer products companies and many more. Please send an email to thecriticng@gmail.com or via any of our social media pages.

Got Complaints?
Please send all complaints to thecriticng@gmail.com