Casper & Gambini’s

Casper & Gambini’s

Happy New Year!!!

It’s been long…too long. All I can say is, I don’t know what went wrong with me posting my restaurant reviews, but I just got tired of everything at some point. People that know me will tell you that if I have to do something half heartedly , I am not doing it. There is a whole barrage of excuses / reasons but I am not going to bore you. I am willing to give it another shot… hopefully, this time I will get it right. Thank you for sticking around. To those who felt let down… Make una no vex… I will endeavor to do better.

Quite a number of new restaurants have sprung up in Lagos in the last couple of months and as usual, the Lagos fad kicked in fully. The “I have been there syndrome set in ” . One of the new ones we decided on was Casper & Gambini’s for a Saturday night date.

Casper & Gambini’s is on Agoro Odiyan street off Adeola Odeku in Victoria Island. For those that are savvy, it’s where Cafe Vanessa used to be. The decor in -house is not over the top , it reminded me of those Texan barbeque places. Its not a defined theme but it was clean and nice. There was a pretty bar at a corner of the room. I didn’t really go in there so I cant tell you about it. In between the bar and restaurant had some eye popping desserts on display.

The menu was intercontinental. It ranged from Quesadillas to Club sandwich to Chicken tikka masala to Risotto and Prawn suya. I loved the diversity on the menu. The question was if they could execute them properly.

As there were 5 of us dinning, we decided to order a little bit of this and that. We ordered the crunchy seafood basket, the garlic cheese bread, Chicken quesadilla, The famous C&G club sandwich, 1 warm molten tart, 1 trio chocolate mousse and a white fish fillet.

For drinks, we had tea, water, 2 fruit punches and lemonade.

The lemonade (N1,000- $3) was first and Ol’boy, it didn’t look anything like lemonade. It was frothy lemonade! It looked more like a milkshake than a lemonade but we realised it came frothy because it was probably blended or whipped. After it settled, it looked more like lemonade. Was it great ? No! It was too concentrated. We had to dilute it with ice which took forever to come after we ordered it.


The fruit blend (N1,000-$3) or “what name you may call it’ was absolutely amazing. It wasn’t on the menu but they sha whipped it up. I jejeli said I wanted water which I had ordered but Naomi allowed me to taste hers. … bad idea! A taste of this blend had me ordering another in a hurry. It was a blend of bananas, pineapple, passion fruit and whatever else they may have put in. I don’t know how you’ll describe it to them if want to order from reading this review. I asked for a name but no one had a name for it …. Sowwy 🙈. It was so good , I forgot to take a picture of it.

If you are a tea lover then this is the place for you. Funmi had eaten previously, so she decided to order tea. As always, I rolled my eyes at her expecting it to be one of the regulars. Well, they shut me and my eyes up when the waiter brought a variety box of Revolution Tea and asked her to choose the flavour she wanted. She chose the Bombay chai black tea (N800-$2.6). The smell was unbelievable , it tasted even better than it smelled… If you are not a tea lover, please bear with us but this may convert you.Those who know, know.


You know your “pre-appetizer” ( i made up that word ) at most restaurant in Lagos is varied dinner rolls, even the most premium of restaurants in this town will give you that. Casper & Gambrini’s served us bread rolls, dried tortilla chips and bread sticks served with some feta cheese dip and olive oil. If you know them at C& G please advise them to bottle some up and sell or dash to us.The dip is a mixture of feta cheese , black pepper and sun dried tomatoes .Real good stuff.


Then, the seafood platter (N3,900- $13), Quesadilla and cheese and garlic bread came together. I am no lover of most battered foods but this seafood platter was “Oyato “. This was slightly battered calamari rings , prawns and fish lightly crisped served with a dip and lemon wedge. It was nicely seasoned and not over cooked. The balance was just perfect. None of us used the dip because it was perfect just the way it was. The garlic bread was just alright for me. I wasn’t blown away or anything.
The Quesadilla (N3,700-$12) was served with french fries, ketchup , and some olive and sesame seed dip and salsa on it. It could have been better if the filling in it was more . It tasted alright though. I don’t remember the salsa making much of an impact on it. The fries paired with it was perfect. I didnt try any of the dips.


cs10cs5I was really looking forward to the white fish fillet (N5800- $19). I took a look at the plate and I was disappointed. The fish looked oily for starters. On tasting this, EVERYTHING was wrong with it. If it was just the oiliness , I could have mixed it in with the vegetables and rice somehow.. but when you serve me bland cold rice with fish that is OFF , you should know that I will send the food right back. I simply told my friends to taste it and tell me how they felt and everyone spat it out immediately. I called the waiter and sent it back. The manager came to our table and apologised and offered me something else but I declined. It just ruined all the nice things I had eaten.


We still went ahead and ordered desserts. We ordered the crunchy profiteroles, the trio chocolate mousse and warm molten tart. When the desserts came, I quickly forgot about the fish because it all looked nice.

The profiteroles (N1,800- $6) is choux pastry balls filled with creamy custard drizzled with chocolate sauce. It could have tasted better than it did. I would have preferred if the choux balls were filled with the cream just before it was served. This was probably filled way before they were served because it was soft … like soaked on the inside. The outer layer would have been nice & crisp.  It was just alright.



We were informed that the trio chocolate mousse (N2200- $7) was unavailable but they had something else to offer.. Hmnnn. When they brought it, it didn’t look like much to me. It was layers of chocolate cake with a mousse -y filling finished off with chocolate ganache and served with probably mixed berry sorbet judging from the colour . This entremet was sooo decadent. No grainy chocolate, no nasty tasting gloop. Pure goodness. The berry sorbet this was served with was amazeballs I could come here everyday for this.


The warm molten tart (N1,900- $6) was just alright. I didn’t fancy it per se…probably because of the entremet ( the mousse – y chocolate cake). For one, there was nothing molten about the was not even gooey. The vanilla ice cream it was served with was nice. They sure can do better with the plating of their desserts.


The manager brought the bill, apologized about the spoilt fish saga and told us all 3 desserts were on the house. They had the decency not to charge for it. Yes!! In this clime, some restaurants will charge for such or try their luck to see if you will fall mugu and pay. I have experienced it before.

We did a check on the restroom as expected and it wasn’t great. Whilst it wasn’t unclean, the floors were wet and it had wet tissue on the floor.

For all the above listed, we paid N20,100 but remember we were not charged for the fish dish and the desserts.

Would I go back there? Oh yes.


Layout / Ambiance / Aesthetics- 7

Quality of food- 7

Value for money- 8

Customer Service- 8.5

Casper & Gambini’s
Agoro Odiyan street,
Victoria Island.
07002277377 08170011227

Thank you for always reading.

DISCLAIMER: These reviews are my opinion of my dining experiences at these restaurants. They are not sponsored by any establishment unless otherwise stated.


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