Izanagi-The review

Wednesday, 5.15p.m Hellossssss, How are you guys holding up? This Lagos heat wave na die? Even my MIFI bucked under the heat. (see picture below). Chai!!, Lord, please help me to do right by you always so I don’t end up in hell fire! To think  that the dreaded hell fire is nothing compared to…

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Sakura- The Review

Monday 5.15 P.M Hey Beautiful people, Now that elections are over, we can all go back to our regular routines. Congratulations to the newly elected public officers. Hopefully, we would not have cause to kick your behinds in 4 years time. In my two years of writing food reviews, it has never taken me this…

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Introducing Flash review – THE CACTUS BURGER

Hallos.. In my last post, I mentioned that I was trying to make adjustments to my website. Here is one of them! Drum roll for flash review please… Flash review was spurred on by people constantly harassing me that I was not posting enough reviews. If you are an ardent reader, you will know that…

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Carlitos – The review

Monday, 7.25 P.M, Hey y’all Every new year comes with new aspirations right? This year I have decided to change tactics. Remember how I would say I didn’t think it was appropriate to review new restaurants? I met someone recently who made me see reason why it is important to review them; it’s funny that…

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Sunday,  7.35 p.m Happy New year!!! How are you all doing? I have been very lazy to blog about food and other things i love doing. To those that have asked if I have lost the passion for food blogging , it’s an absolute No…I have just been caught up with all sorts. I will…

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la taverna 4jpg


Hello Ladies & Gentlemen, It’s been a longggg time.  I have missed you guys oh. I don’t have many excuses for not blogging in almost two months. It’s just been one thing or the other! To the dear faithfuls that checked up on me one way or the other. Thank you!!! And even those of…

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sky 6


Hello good people, I can’t believe it’s August  already. We were screaming happy new year like 2 minutes ago. I hope you are doing well. An article I recently read got me thinking –  Is it right for premium restaurant or restaurants generally  to run a No-Kids policy? This particular restaurant’s reason was that some…

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la veranda 02


Monday 10.40 A.M, Hello people. How have you all been doing? Thank you for all the feedback on the last post. I would like to point out that I have NEVER received any freebie to review any restaurant. Yes, there have been several offers but I usually turn them down.I turn them down because I…

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basilico 3


Tuesday, 5.15P.M Hello Gorgeous, How are you all?  The Nigerian circle on social media was agog this past week because Miss Kemi Adetiba, a renowned video producer was refused entry into Spice Route restaurant on Adeola Odeku, Victoria Island.  She was refused entry because she was not accompanied by a male . Yes! You read…

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